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Name Peter Ruthven Hall
Qualifications MA, BA, Dip(Arch)
Practice Charcoalblue LLP
Location London, UK
Membership ABTT, ARB, Equity, SBTD
Background Set and costume designer; exhibition and event designer; co-author of three books on British scenography
Dorfman Theatre, National Theatre, London (2013-14) Development of seating prototypes to fit into the new flexible tiering system within the original shell of the former Cottesloe Theatre.
Theatre at the Mill, Newtownabbey NI (2009) This new theatre supports drama, music and dance performances as well as commercial events and conferences.
Crucible Theatre and Studio, Sheffield
Refurbishment of both auditoria enabled current access and adaptability standards to be incorporated.
Michael Croft Theatre, Alleyn’s School, Dulwich (2008) This adaptable auditorium seats 276 and can be configured as an end-stage, thrust or intimate arena.
Eden Court Theatres, Cinemas and Studios, Inverness (2007) The extension provides two dance studios, two cinemas and a 278-seat courtyard theatre with excellent sightlines for dance, drama, music and cabaret.
Areas of consultancy undertaken
Business Planning
Feasibility study Yes
Brief preparation Yes
Auditorium design Yes
Seating & sightlines Yes
Stage Lighting
Stage Sound and Communications
Stage Machinery
Box office
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