Institute of Theatre Consultants
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Name John Riddell

BA (Hons) History and Drama
MA Theatre Consultancy

Practice Theatre Projects Consultants
Location London, UK
Membership IoTC
Background Before joining TPC in 2008, John spent over twenty years as a technician, lighting designer and production manager, in venues from tiny arts centres to arenas and on shows ranging from small scale touring theatre to opera.
Parabola Arts Centre, Cheltenham (completion: 2010) Theatre equipment for 220 seat venue
St Catherine’s School, Bramley (completion: 2011) Theatre equipment and planning advice for 350 seat school venue
Manor CE Academy, York (completion: 2012) Theatre equipment and planning advice for 200 seat school venue
Milton Court GSMD, London (completion: 2013) Theatre equipment for school studio theatre, theatre, concert hall, TV studio and rehearsal rooms
Big Telly, Otherworld (completion: 2012) Feasibility study for proposed 150 seat floating, touring water theatre
Areas of consultancy undertaken
Business Planning
Feasibility study Yes
Brief preparation Yes
Auditorium design Yes
Seating & sightlines Yes
Stage Lighting Yes
Stage Sound and Communications Yes
Stage Machinery Yes
Workshops Yes
Box office Yes
Other Project management and coordination
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