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Are you planning to build or refurbish a theatre?

A theatre is one of the most complex of all buildings, and work on such a major enterprise requires input from not just an architect, engineers and a building contractor, as in a normal large commercial building, but also a theatre consultant and an acoustician.

How can so many disparate elements be melded into an effective team?

An architect will co-ordinate the efforts of the building contractor with the client and the design team – but who will co-ordinate the efforts of the architect with the client end users of the building and the specialist sub-contractors? 

And who will be able to understand the differing requirements of opera, dance, concert and theatre audiences, conference delegates and exhibition visitors in terms of how they affect the building?  Who can know at what stages these requirements are best incorporated into the planning and construction processes?

A theatre being a rare – and often iconic – building, it is vital to the success of the project that the various contractors have experience, expertise and abilities that are both relevant to the project itself and complementary to those of the other contractors involved.

What is needed is someone with the relevant knowledge, plus the ability to perform an incredibly delicate balancing act …integrating the theatre into a building and the building into a theatre. 

Enter the Institute of Theatre Consultants

A theatre consultant has professionally qualified experience that gives him or her a unique overarching perspective that encompasses both the performing industries and the building industry. The Institute was founded more than 50 years ago, and its members include leading practitioners in the field.

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