Are you planning to build or refurbish a theatre?

An IoTC member will complement and augment your own expertise by representing the interests of the performers, audience and future staff of the building within the design team milieu. In this way he or she will:

  • develop your vision through experience and practical knowledge, matching the creative solution with the budget
  • ensure good practice and fitness for purpose, making sure that the building functions effectively as a venue for performances and events
  • contribute to the quality of design, cost effectiveness, and usability of the building, and
  • interpret the language and concerns of the theatre to the building team and the building team to the theatre team
  • contribute to the quality of experience and environment of those who work in the theatre as well as those who visit it.

An IoTC theatre consultant will help you and your client capture the essence of your theatre in built form.

What can an IoTC member offer you?